Born in Singapore, raised in Southeast Asia, now a New Yorker and designer of apparel and jewelry.. My internationalism informs my design sensibility.  Growing up an American expat left me with a strong sense of wanderlust, a love of travel and the thrill of culture shock, and a deep appreciation of international fashion, art and culture. 


About KORA

KORA was launched in August 2009 by Maxandra Short and Amy Walker as a result of their shared visual style and commitment to sustainable economic development.  KORA’s first collection featured one of a kind Ankole cow horn pieces made in Rwanda and has since expanded to include a variety of beautiful, locally sourced materials from Kenya and Ghana.  Each collection is deeply influenced by the inherent properties of each unique material. KORA practices the idea of ‘trade-not-aid’ in order to directly provide the foundation for sustainable economic growth in these countries.

KORA’s handmade pieces feature recycled and sustainable materials found in and used by artisans in developing communities in Africa. KORA means ‘work’ in Kinyarwandan, Rwanda’s native language.